Software Engineer

I don't exist to use a framework. I exist to solve problems. Girl in T3.


How it all started? I had the courage to tackle a Python course offered by school -- from mass scraping data from EDGAR for text-analysis to building machine learning models to predict oil prices. After thousands of documents ran through my fingers in a blink of an eye, I started to dive into web development.

Fast forward to today, I've helped and built products for myself and a devtool startup. Currently working in a PaaS.

I also sign small angel checks to early-stage startups focusing on Infra and AI. You can email me at loisisar_outlook_com. If I didn't respond to you, chances are I missed it or your email went into spam box as I try to get back to everyone. You can send it again but I guess the fastest way to reach me is on twitter.


  1. 2024.06 - Present

    Sub-seconds edge deployment platform with fine-grain support for federated applications.I wear many hats here.
      • 2023.11 - 2024.04

        Self-hostable Github Codespaces alternative for enterprises.Responsible for the frontend and content of technical documentation. Worked closely with engineers and founder to test alpha product before launch, include but not limited in JetBrains' Gateway Plugin, VS Code Extension, installer and CLI tool. Responsibility also include growing and managing community.
        • Astro

        • Alpine.js

        • CSS

        • Shell script

        • Terraform

        • Docker

        • Google Cloud Platform

        • Virtual Machine

        • Kubernetes

      • 2022.04 - 2023.11

        Operation efficiency for companies.After building products for hospitality industry to assist on inventory management, we realised there are more problems to solve in the start up landscape for sales, customer support and remote team collaboration. We soon pivoted to develop product to help companies to manage their sales and customer support directly in Chat apps like Discord and Slack.
        • Next.js

        • TailwindCSS

        • tRPC

        • DrizzleORM

        • Kafka

        • Node.js

        • Express.js

      • 2020.09 - 2021.12

        Behavioural Finance is a field of finance that proposes psychology-based theories to investigate investment decisions.Where I got the first taste of programming. I was part of the MSc. Behavioural Finance program at Henley Business School, University of Reading. Where I learned about the psychology of finance and investing, and how to apply it to real world problems.
        • Behavioural Finance

        • Energy Finance

        • Psychology for Finance and Investing

        • Security, Futures and Options

        • Python for Finance

        • Coporate Finance and Investment Banking

      • 2018.12 - 2020.01

        Global real estate consultancy.Advised commercial clients and researched in real estate valuation, merger and acquisition, and offered market analysis. Directed the training and onboarding process for newly hired personnel, ensuring a smooth integration into the team. Played a pivotal role in expanding client base, securing major accounts such as TOSHIBA, Lenovo, Ebay, EPAM system, DJI, Kerry Holdings and more.
        • Real Estate

        • Merger&Acquisition

        • Valuation

        • Feasibility Research

        • Bidding

        • Investment Consulting

        • Market Research

      • 2014.09 - 2019.06

        Leading research institution in hospitality management in Asia.
        • Casino Mathematics

        • Microeconomics

        • Advance Calculus

        • Statistics

        • Accounting

        • Consumer Behaviours

        • Food and Beverage Management

        • Cost Control

      • 2015.01 - 2015.06

        Cleaning rooms.
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      1. Open source LinkTree alternative built in Golang.
        • Golang

        • HTTP

      2. A project aims to provide a comprehensive understanding the frontend framework React.js and how a frontend framework was designed and developed.
        • React

        • Typescript

      3. Modern.js is a web framework developed by ByteDance Infrastructure Team, offering an one-for-all solution for npm packages, frontend and documentation.
        • React

      4. Docksible is a templating tool to help developers to test Ansible playbooks and roles in Docker container, with SSH and mimicking real world scenario.
        • Docker

        • Ansible

        • Shell script

        • SSH

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